The Importance of Raising a Mama’s Boy

Today at work an elderly woman called in because she had been receiving automated phone calls all day. After over an hour on the phone I surmise that this woman’s AWOL son has been put in charge of her bills because she is living alone. Well, not entirely alone, with her advancing dementia at age 94. She has been receiving these calls because her son hasn’t paid her electricity bill in several months, and unless a payment is made she is going to be sitting in her home, in the dark, with no idea where she is or what has happened. It’s a very bleak picture.

Anyway, she promises to call her son immediately after we hang up. At this point she thinks she has hung up but I get to listen to her burst into hiccup sobs repeating “God, what is happening to me? I don’t understand. I don’t understand. I don’t understand.”


At which point, I kind of want to cry myself… or track down her son with a tire iron.

I am so fortunate my own son, Merlin, would never leave me alone in that condition. He follows me from room to room chattering away about tuna and mice incessantly. I am confident he would be utterly lost without me, and having raised such a dependent mama’s boy through smother love I can sleep soundly at night knowing he will never leave me.

He doesn’t have the emotional stability or financial resources to do so.

Just as I intended:)

Love him so much!


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