The Help

The-Help-Kathryn-StockettI just finished reading “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett, it took me a week to plow through the 530pages, which I could literally not put down for a second. Finally a book about what it’s like to be a too tall, not conventionally beautiful girl raised in the South! The struggle of waking up and knowing nothing you ever do is going to make you 5’5″, blonde, with straight hair… so why even bother? This author has finally captured that torture! Fashionable shoes are out of the question, because being taller than most of the men is a cross to bear, but being taller than all of them? Sinful. Subjecting yourself to crazed hair experiments that are no match for that kind of humidity… Even you’re hair is just too big. It’s a difficult burden to be that kind of girl in that kind of place and I was so relieved to find a story which told it so well.

There was also a lot about the kind of friendship it took to cross white/black segregation lines in the Mississippi of the 1960s and the complex love which could develop between the help and the families they served, growing even in a bed of dense racism.

Those parts were noteworthy as well :)

Five stars!


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