Second only to Christmas, which I enthusiastically celebrate for six solid weeks, Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Let’s begin:

1. Autumn. It’s the best season. Hoodie weather, new school terms, hay rides, apple cider, carving pumpkins, raking leaves, corn mazes, haunted houses, scary movie marathons, Halloween. Winning.

2. An excuse to dress however you damn please. You can slut up any character that strikes your fancy and no one will say anything about it. Drop that neckline, hike up that skirt! BFF Jenna Marbles explained this phenomenon best, that’s available on youtube :)

3. Halloween parties are so much better than your average run of the mill theme party, for obvious reasons. Everyone gets to pick their own theme! And it’s not “CEOs and office ho’s” or “pink to drink” or any other concept regulating participants to a narrow dress code; which is really much more limiting than their day to day parameters already, when you think about it. Halloween opens the box, for one and all!

4. Also an excuse to indulge in the depths of your own ridiculousness. If you want to dress like a furry, Halloween is pretty much the only time it’s not going to make everyone around you wonder if you have severe psychological problems. Cross-dressing, normally pretty taboo… On October 31st, common place. Men, try on that dress, hang loose. Ladies, if you’re not participating in the judgement free tramping right now, gender bending is another exciting avenue to explore!

313477_2039900207055_558163914_n5. Really, most interests deemed peculiar in any other season (zombies, the occult, witchcraft, etc.) you can let hang out all willy nilly now.  For instance, extreme eyelashes.



If you’re a little bit on the fringe and attracted to all things dark and twisty, October is your time to shine!




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