Merlin’s alchemy instructor sent home a letter about some backtalk that had been going on during lecture today. Naturally I brought this up during dinner. As Merlin ate his canned salmon I prepared this evening he revealed that this old crotchety geezer had passed out the last exams according to grade and little Merlin got only a D, which naturally was embarrassing for such a brilliant young student. As well as an unexpected result! That is when the conflict began in the classroom. Merlin only pointed out this practice was clearly designed to create a hierarchy of false measurements of intellect among the students and was a conspiracy to create dischord and distract from the real problem at hand, that Mr. Potts cannot teach!

HOW DARE HE INSULT MY SON’S INTELLIGENCE as a scape goat for his own professional shortcomings. I did not buy a $2500 cauldron with a teflon finish for my son to be sent home with a C after mediocre instruction. This is a PRIVATE wizarding academy, if I wanted to take my chances with his education he’d be at Hogwarts. Not to mention the discipline deposits I was charged after the smoking incident! I will be demanding a conference by the end of the week. I don’t know who these people think they’re fooling.

We’re both appalled, and Merlin has been upset ever since dinner. Poor thing.


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