These sing along songs will be our scripture

Went to two concerts this weekend. Wheee!

Built to Spill

Built to Spill

Now, I am aware that the lead singer has a severe receding hair line bordering on baldness. They were at their height in the 90s, but are still amazing. Their opener, Atlas Sound, I found just kind of obnoxious. The use of lights was way over the top for not having an audience of teenagers rolling on E. I was in my happy zone though, surrounded by bearded indie men with glasses as far as the eye could see and enjoying the music.

One complaint though, they didn’t play “Car” which I feel is their classic so Built to Spill Built to Spill song, you know what I mean? It would be like Adele refusing to sing “Rolling in the Deep”. And we asked for it, the crowd yelled “CAR” several times and we were ignored. So I left pretty unsatisfied, because I mean, it’s a benefit concert and your fans asked you to play something and you just ignored them? Pretty deuchy. I’ll still buy their new album though. I’m a sucker…. but I will NOT buy a tshirt!

Then I found out those obnoxious lights had actually made my poor brother sick and dizzy but he didn’t say anything because “you looked so happy, dancing all crazy”. Best brother ever.

This picture would be so perfect for MySpace in 2005. Nostalgia. Outfit to go see…



I die. I die.

This time even Noah was into it, dancing his ginger faced heart out. And their opener, Titus Andronicus, was also super good, and a complimentary pairing.

This night was so much more fun because we had the fortune of being near die hard fans, you know the kind that are almost in tears they are so happy and are dancing in a sort of frenzied glee the entire time. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been that girl (TV On The Radio, Tunde and I are meant to be. He pointed at me TWICE during a concert in Baltimore. The wedding is going to be so epic. TRULUV4EVA. CAN’T WAIT). Anyway, I love being around those fans because the energy is so palpable and especially compared to the people who are just trying to be cool, kind of bobbin’ their heads, sort of swaying to the beat. I’d much rather be in the pocket of people who are screaming the lyrics because, “these sing-along songs will be our scripture oh oh oh oh oh oh oh we gotta stay positive”.

Plus, they played all of their classic stuff as well as material I hadn’t heard and put on a super energetic show.

So, I bought the t-shirt.


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