We’re Having a Kitten Shower!

My friend Michelle is having a new baby cat! That’s right, at twenty-six, Michelle has made the decision to expand her family from two to three. Michelle and her catson, Forrest, will be welcoming Binx into their home any day now.

It was a long road for the Levenshire family. I remember in college, when Michelle and I lived together, and she found out she was going to have little Forrest. Naturally, initially, we were all a little concerned. It wasn’t a planned kitten. Michelle was single at the time. She was working at Outback Steakhouse; where, it should happen, Forrest was conceived. We were living on campus. There were logistic roadblocks on top of the responsibility of Michelle now being a Meowmy! How would that affect our youthful lifestyle? There were theme parties to attend!

As we adjusted to Michelle’s new lot in life, it came to be that Forrest’s early childhood was spent at Levenshire manor in Northern Virginia with his grandparents. He would come visit us at our campus suite every so often, mostly weekends, and we would spoil him. Or traumatize him. I fear a few occasions spring to my mind that were probably not age appropriate for young Forrest’s eyes. Evidence once again that perhaps it wasn’t the best timing for a baby kitten to be entering the picture and I am ashamed to report that we did not celebrate Forrest’s birth as we should have. There was no shower. There was no kitten cradle. In a cloud of hush hush news he was deported to NOVA.

Now that Michelle has steady grown-up employment at a non-profit organization in D.C. and has been successfully supporting herself and Forrest in D.C. suburbia for some time now she is celebrating her independence by bringing another kitten into her world. THERE WILL BE CELEBRATING!

This time around there will be no hush hush welcome home, being a Meowmy is a great accomplishment! A life achievement! A milestone! Forrest will be given big brother gifts, Binx will have a cradle! Things will be so different this time! As they should have always been! I am appointing myself in charge of the Kitten Shower!

All of you are invited!

There will be races to see who can empty the litter box fastest!

There will be a laser pointer for every guest!

There will be lots of wine and cheese, per Michelle’s request. Salmon and tuna appetizers for the kittens, of course.

Please RSVP in the comments :)


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