The horizon is bleak

Dear diary,

Another day, another dollar. 2012 looks awfully different from the beginning of 2011, although I’m unsure if it’s an improvement. Meowmy may have been unreliable during the apartment days and sleep deprived or missing more often than not but there weren’t two neanderthal dog beasts running amok, or grandparents! I don’t think Nanna likes me. She’s always yelling about the counters and the tables and the chairs. She’s clearly speciest. If I was a human grandchild I most certainly would be allowed in the chairs! But no! Because I have fur she thinks I’m just like those beasts of hers and sentences me to a life spent on ground level! It’s demoralizing! How can I come home from school every day, fighting for feline rights just by my mere attendance, when I haven’t even won them in my own home?! The importance of my battle is clearly lost on Nanna, who is more concerned with how recently my box was cleaned than whether accommodations have been made for me to participate in P.E. with the other students!

It may be time to move, dear diary. To where? I don’t know. I heard the Northwest was very progressive in terms of feline advancement, particularly in the Seattle region. My therapist says that college isn’t as far away as it seems, but when you’ve got a ball and chain like Meowmy–with her constant disaster and misfortune; it certainly seems like an eternity. She was laid off from work so I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until the Hillside Science Diet food runs out and I’m back to gagging down Purina. My digestive tract was just starting to recover.

The horizon is bleak.




  1. Merlin, staying off counters, tables, out of sinks and basically away from human food-prep and dining areas could win you great affection and regard.

    Also, might I add that I protect you daily.


  2. Merlin, Binx and Forrest get through life very well without jumping on tables or counters. Granted, they weight like 50 pounds each and lifting that girth could be hard but still. Jumping up high is not needed for a happy light.

    Now college, college is important! Stay on the straight and narrow and maybe try an extraicular activity other than dealing. My boys are going to get football scholarships to Big Ten and Ivies! I don’t recommend that, but maybe something easier, like drama or field hockey?

  3. Binx and Forrest don’t have two giant dogs to be escaping from! But thank you for the support one and all, I will make sure Merlin reads these messages. Right now he’s blaring death metal from his room so I don’t think I should disturb him. I’m so worried!

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