So profesh, day one.

Yesterday I was told it would be my last day at work. I knew it would be sometime in January, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so immediate. Oh well. Caio!

Today I had an interview with a marketing company! It would be about a 45minute commute which would suck, but whatevs. I’m in no position to be choosy. I dressed up in my “young professional” disguise and drove on over. The reception desk was surrounded by women who would best be described as “mean girls”. Very pretty, “put-together”, but with that snotty scowl that indicates they are mean. Commonly referred to as “bitch face syndrome”. Just to prove my assumptions they began criticizing someone’s facebook picture and their new boyfriend. I did not let them phase me. I was in my disguise.

I filled out my paper work and watched, I kid you not, as several Coach bags were delivered to the cluster of mean girls and they opened them gleefully, smelling the new leather, stroking the finely crafted workmanship. I would love a Coach purse too, but it was becoming apparent these were not my people.

Anywho, with my costume and altered personality I landed a second interview for tomorrow morning! Holla! I also have an interview in the afternoon downtown and another set up for Friday. The one on Friday is for a job that pays the least, but I would babysit old people. That’s the one I really want. I kind of picture it as somewhere between “Driving Ms. Daisy” and “Tuesdays with Moorie”. Day one of unemployment is definitely a step in the right direction. I didn’t wear a bathrobe and watch Maury AT ALL! though I was very tempted.

Wish me luck internet friends!



  1. Haha, last time I saw him I asked about his roommate. He was like “he drinks a little too much, so I haven’t hung around that.” I was all “you don’t say? cause even Method Man would be all ‘dude, get into a program!'”

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