Upset again

Dear Diary,

This weekend has been trying. Meowmy has found a job so she decided to “relax” all weekend. Meowmy relaxing has thus far involved alphabetizing all the books and DVDs in our attic suite, watching hours of Dog the Bounty Hunter, and wearing sweatpants in public. I have had enough! I bathe several times a day, my coat has a consistent sheen despite having to walk through a landscape of dust bunnies and corner cob webs and I never leave the house without my black leather collar! She, however, makes no effort whatsoever to impress anyone outside of a job interview. I don’t know what to do with her, honestly. This is why she doesn’t have more friends at the PTA meeting.

On another note, the suitcase is out and has been on the sofa. I suspect Meowmy is taking another trip but I haven’t gathered any details. I don’t know why she’d make a point of telling me about it. It’s not like I had any idea where she was over Christmas while I sat alone in this attic eating stale kibble. It’s not like I’m the single thing in her life she’s responsible for. Why should I know where she’s going or when she’ll return? I can always just go hang out with Dad right?! EXCEPT I CAN’T, I HAVE NO FATHER.

I’m getting upset again. I think I’ll need to share this entry with Evelyn, my new therapist.



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