Lost Cause

Dear Diary,

I’ve been spying on Meowmy. Sometimes she sits in the green armchair downstairs for hours on her computer, and I’m so curious what she’s up to! She’s such an enigma to me! I’m still seeing Evelyn, the therapist, once a week and she encouraged me to try and bond with Meowmy. To put myself in her shoes, so to speak. I am led to believe this may help me let go of some of the building resentment.

From what I’ve surmised Meowmy is living a double life in fantasy land. There’s this web site called Pinterest where Meowmy, as far as I can tell, is planning a wedding and decorating a big Southern house with all the creativity Ikea can inspire. She is single and living in an attic suite in her parents home! The amount of time invested in planning this charade boggles the mind, truly.

Does she know this isn’t all happening? That we’d be lucky to have a studio apartment in a year? That is the part that concerns me. We will be here forever if she is holding out for a plantation style home with a wrap around porch. I cannot keep living with these beasts. Growlmy is obsessed with them, and has even added Great Dane and Poodle themed magnets to the fridge. It makes me sick. I’m always in trouble for being anywhere but the floor, but those two defecate in the basement, eat trash, and chew on shoes THEN they’re celebrated on the fridge? I’m two steps away from contacting Nancy Grace with a little piece entitled “A Cat Called It”.

Oh I’m getting riled up again. This is what Evelyn warned me about. I can’t let my emotions control me! I am not on a run-away train! I am my own captain! Two hundred twenty-one days clean!

Anyway, I never got past pinterest.com in my Meowmy investigation. She discovered me and then it was a lost cause.

Much like our futures, I fear.



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