Back Talk

Noah and I have been wonderfully surprised by the responses we’ve gotten to Noah Speaks!

When we saw others were starting to share the post themselves, sometimes people we don’t even know, we were excited! Strangers were making such thoughtful comments! Perhaps, Oprah or Ellen will be calling soon! What has been tricky is that I can tell it has been shared, but not by whom. So to those who shared that post and got no response from us: Thanks! We really appreciate it!

All of the kind words have meant a lot to us. I found it refreshing to see that it’s not just me who is moved by Noah’s story, and my mother was relieved that it’s not just her who thinks I’m a decent writer. Best of all, Noah has promised to actually read my blog if I continue to write about him occasionally! MY STARS! Normally all I get back from him is, “Merlin is a cat, not your child.” or “You and your friends are nuts,”. Finally, he has been turned into a committed reader! Thank you!

And so, the journey continues :)


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