Merlin’s Godfather

In this trying time in Merlin’s life I am encouraged more than ever to secure a good male role model for him. Everyone has failed him thus far and it leaves me wondering how much of his addiction is genetic predisposition and how much spurred by the emotional toll of his environment.

Naturally, being Merlin’s uncle it seemed apt to approach the topic with my younger brother, Noah. It went something like this,

Me: Noah, will you be Merlin’s godfather?

Noah: No.

Me: What? Why?!

Noah: He is a cat.

Me: He is my catSON and if I die I want you to take care of him!

Noah: If you die I’m taking him to the humane society.

Me: What? No! Noah, don’t even say that!

Noah: As soon as you all are gone I’m taking all of these animals to the humane society! They’re not mine!

Me: Noah, oh my GOD!

Noah: No one does else does this, Tasha. Pets don’t have godfathers.

Me: Actually people make wills to make sure their pets are taken care of ALL THE TIME!

Noah: Yeah, well, don’t count on me. Maybe your friend Britney or Courtney will do it.

Clearly, Merlin’s struggle has to do with a shoddy environment. So sad.



  1. He’s only a partial ginger anyway. Gingeybeard, if you will, haha.
    Geoff might be a better candidate for a big brother role. I don’t know if I can entrust Merlin’s life to him. I have yet to see a background check on Dr. Wedge. He probably got his degree in Guatemala or something.

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