Sloppy Firsts

I have entered the world of Jessica Darling via my coworkers collection of the series! I won’t lie, I notoriously resist series that seem to be widely popular. I don’t know why I do it, but I do. I’m often stubborn without cause. It took me forever to give in to The Hunger Games, and now I’m nothing short of obsessed. Though, I have found that when working a sixteen hour shift  and finally reaching the last few hours when everyone has fallen asleep/all the paperwork is done a light entertaining read has many advantages over a more cerebral novel. I need to something zippy to keep me awake.

It is written in letters to a far-away best friend and diary entries of a 15/16 year old girl. They are believably written by her, which is not to say that it was easy to write but, you know, it’s not like well-crafted literature. Still, it is so realistic to the high school experience. I knew Marcus Flutie, the guy that Jessica Darling just can’t get out of her head. I, like she, was drawn to this sort of personality and several former crushes came to mind while I was reading. Hasn’t everyone fallen in some sort of love with a Marcus Flutie?

I had ALMOST forgotten about the hierarchy of skank levels that was so prevalent in high school, and how important it felt to go to prom, have a boyfriend, look amazing to colleges. The unbearable summer jobs, unfair parental punishments, girls you just couldn’t trust and girls you couldn’t live without, and the PRESSURE to impress your family. Feeling trapped, navigating social cliques, and ohmygoodness what to do with one’s virginity!

It’s a high school time-travel phenomenon.

If you vaguely miss being young and free in some ambivalent way, read this book and you’ll remember why you never, ever want to go back.


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