Heads in Beds

9780307948342_p0_v2_s260x420There is nothing particularly special about this book. The author was a philosophy major who was sucked into the hospitality industry shortly after graduation. Having worked in a hotel as a bartender, I have a limited frame of reference, but that experience was fairly miserable. I spent my eight hour shifts alone with our cook, who was a pimp. He had been to jail for pimping and was adamant that it was a victimless crime, if you can imagine. “Them bitches would be doin’ it with or without me, I’s at least kep dem safe”.  Pimp Cook nearly killed the general manager one day when he made the wings so hot that he began uncontrollably choking. Pimp Cook thought this was hilarious. The general manager then looked more thoroughly into Pimp Cook’s background and confronted him about being a pimp. Was he fired? No.

Anywho, the author shares anecdotes of similarly unsavory coworkers and unreasonable guests. He works as a valet, front desk clerk, housekeeping manager, front desk clerk again. He runs away from life and lives in Europe and returns and is forced into the hotel biz once again, and again. The stories are amusing, and also useful. For instance, insight on how to get a free mini bar (lie!) and free upgraded rooms: tip the front desk. Tip the front desk! It would never have even occurred to me. Next trip, I’m trying it.

Overall, a fairly amusing beach read.

Three stars!




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