To love and adventure! (Part One)

I have moved to California! We began this journey of NattyandtheCity in Pittsburgh, moved to Baltimore, and have now rekindled in San Diego! Badda bing, badda boom.

On a weekend in Charlottesville, VA I explained to friends, and several strangers, that I was moving for love and adventure. We toasted, TO LOVE AND ADVENTURE! All parties were supportive, and here we are.

So, to fill you in. Whilst in Baltimore I fell in love with this man (pictured in NYC’s Central Park, our first trip together):




My Joshua. My solid, stoic, silly, patient, kind Joshua. We met in a bubbly drunken haze on a cobblestone street near the Inner Harbor, outside a small strip of bars. Our friends appeared to share common interests (Dr. Who) and we grouped together for the night. Our friends didn’t ultimately work out (my friend threw up on his friend’s lap HAHAHA), but Joshua and I fell into a blissful whirlwind. It’s a modern day love story.

When he first mentioned the possibility of moving to California with his job I was enthusiastic, I have moved many times since I was a kid and immediately conceptualized this as the ultimate adventure. I had never even been to California before! Also, despite loving my job in Baltimore, I did not want to settle in Maryland. After two years “Charm City” had left me disenchanted.

It seemed that simple, initially. We weighed many pros and cons of the move as it gradually legitimized over time. We always found ourselves back at proximity to family and friends as an incredible drawback. We are both close to our families, and had never been further than a road trip away. Ultimately we agreed we would only move to California for now, just to see what happens. Merely another stop on the long adventure before us!

Joshua went to California a month before me, living with his coworkers and boss while everyone searched for new living arrangements and I adjusted to living alone and working for my precious last few paychecks. The goodbye parties were delightfully fun, and during this month nearly every day of my calendar was scribbled with friends names for simultaneous reunions and goodbyes. Entire weekends were blocked off for out-of-town benders with my closest girlfriends.

Naturally, these events served as emotional catalysts as well. A friend pointed out to me that we likely wouldn’t see one another until well into 2015. I realized that she was right, the distance started to sink in. And while I knew that of course I would see my close friends again, if only annually, many others I may not see again, at all. I cried at my last day of work.  Crying in front of people is #1-25 of my most embarrassing moments. I cried when I said goodbye to the family I nannied for. I cried again at my family’s goodbye party as I was opening gifts, and again when I realized I wouldn’t see my parents for six months. The process became a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.

Still, I am not one to burrow into the familiar. I love change.

Further, nothing says adventure like shedding an entire life like a patchy dry snakeskin to emerge in a brand new land, freshly glistening and vulnerable beside the man you love, right? Right!?

So that’s what I did.




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